5T Strategic Pillars

As a volunteer-driven organization, SYSA must align its limited resources toward high-value initiatives. Based on member feedback and board guidance, SYSA has established the following 5T Strategic Pillars. The 5T Pillars are intended to guide our focus by:   

  • Creating a strategic vision for the program through which long-term organization decisions are made
  • Reflecting the SYSA core values
  • Establishing a touchstone for SYSA to continually monitor progress of the organization

We welcome your feedback on these Pillars via our feedback form.

Pillar 1: Transparency

Providing our members visibility and access into decision making around policies, procedures and process.  

Examples: Revised operating policies, town hall parents forums, coach feedback surveys, age group meetings for player placement, ability to leave feedback via the web site.

Pillar 2 Training

Putting resources and instruction into the hands of our coaches, parents and players so that they can increase their knowledge of the game.

Examples: Leveraging the new web site to post materials, restructuring in-town divisions to have training before games, greater definition and support of the age group coordinator role, continued formal coaching education.

Pillar 3: Turf

Leading an initiative to bring high-quality turf fields to Southborough to decrease potential weather impacts and position SYSA as a progressive soccer organization.

Examples: SYSA Turf Field Committee established and partnering with Southborough schools, town boards, development organizations and financial institutions to create a plan for a new turf field.

Pillar 4: Technology

Leveraging the potential of technology to improve the experience of membership.

Examples: A totally revamped web site to provide better service and content to our members, online ordering of uniforms, piloting of game status polls for attendance management.

Pillar 5: Tolerance (as in ZERO)

Ensuring that we support our referees and provide clarity around the Zero Tolerance Policy.

Example: A newly created Zero Tolerance Policy that builds upon the BAYS policy.