Field Use Policy

Field Specific Rules

Neary and Lundblad fields:

  • Absolutely no parking on Neary Access Road or Parkerville Road at any time. You must park in parking lot in front of Neary Elementary School.

Field Rain Policy - What do I do if it rains?
For the Fay School Athletic Campus - Mill Street fields, the Field Coordinator and In Town Director will determine the status of the fields each Saturday. They will inform the appropriate Age Group Coordinators and/or coaches.

For Town fields, the policy on use of fields during inclement weather is set by the Town Recreation dept. Each coach is instructed to call the Recreation Department Field hot line at 508-485-0710, Press 8 for Special Announcements. Coaches must notify parents and opposing coach 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of a game cancellation. If during the game, the field becomes saturated with standing water, it is the responsibility of the coach and referee to use common sense to ensure child safety and call the game.

Parking/Parent Control
All coaches assigned to a field are responsible to monitor parent and sibling adherence to the Parking and Field usage policy. While Coaches are not expected to police the offending party, coaches are expected to inform the parents of the policies and then notify the SYSA board.

Where SYSA is a guest of a private field (i.e. Fay School fields), the coach must be especially cognizant of any offending party. Offenses include parking in restricted or no parking areas, driving on restricted areas as well as climbing on or damaging private property and not policing the area for litter after a game. SYSA risks losing the use of Fay School fields and takes seriously its responsibility to adhere to the Fay School's rules and policies.